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Run Saber

Ở Việt Nam gọi tên game này là Kage tuy nhiên tên chính thức của game là Run Saber.

Run Saber is a 1993 side-scrolling action video game developed by Horisoft and published by Atlus for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in North America on June 8, 1993, and in Europe in 1993. Run Saber features side-scrolling fighting as the two main heroes, Allen and Sheena, the Run Sabers, fight to save the planet. The gameplay is very similar to Strider.

After choosing either the male character, Allen, or the female character, Sheena, the player is sent to five different levels around a fantastical Earth. Sheena has an ice affinity, while Allen has a lightning one. A third Saber, Kurtz, is aligned with fire, and is an enemy the player must fight several times. The player can use a slash attack (the standard attack) which Allen does forward and Sheena upward, use a mid-air kick, or use the Hyper Bomb (special pick up item). The player can climb up and down walls and hang on to the ceiling also while doing a jump if you press up they will do a power jump until they begin to fall (very similar to the Screw Attack of Super Metroid).

In each of the five levels (Taj Base, Tong City, Jodvalley, Grey Fac, and Bruford), there are multiple minor bosses and one final boss at the end of each level. These battles are noted when an alert message appears on the screen. In between each boss, the player must fight hordes of enemies and collect health pickups and weapon enhancers.

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