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Super robot taisen EX

Super robot taisen EX was side story from Super robot taisen 3, the main story was for Lord of Elemental scenario. In this game, only original chacter include. The scenario in Super robot taisen EX are:

  • Masaki (Easy).
  • Ryune (Normal).
  • Shuu (HARD).

Super robot taisen EX is the first title to focus on the Masō Kishin plot, and unique for having a “Multiple Scenario” system, wherein the order in which the player selects scenarios affects the plot. It is the first Super Robot Wars game to allow players to upgrade weapons. It was remade to be closer in style to F and F Final games and released in Complete Box edition, together with 2nd and 3rd titles, for PlayStation. After bundled release it was also released separately next year.

By combine scenario from Masaki to Shuu, u will receive different scenario from original Shuu. That’s include both Masaki and Ryune for Shuu.
After the war over, Masaki are win the war against DC, he return to Ragias Kingdom, his homeland. The shock find the main goverment from his kingdom was eradicated by a terorist.

This trigger a war betwen Shutedonias, a former Ragnan Soldier and Kirkus a holy/saint Soldier.

Series Premiered: Aura Battler Dunbine and GoShogun.

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